Friday, 12 July 2013

on fait du shopping

Spending days off work in East Village, thrifting, drinking yummy cheap beer pitchers and eating falafel. Mamoun's in St Mark's Place has a pretty sweet deal going of a falafel sandwich for 3 dollars, and its fresh and divine and I currently DREAM of another. 

I am filled with regret because I didn't buy the sequined jacket pictured below (I love that this is my main source of woe?!?) Priorities. Instead I bought a silk shirt from the same store, a pretty excellent Buffalo Exchange on E 11th St, between 1st and 2nd Ave. It has a fruit salad pattern on it and I love it!

Urban Outfitters here is so much better than at home- next pay cheque is going on this snap-back. I satisfied my hat cravings with a few indulgent selfies for now. 

Fruit Salad Shirt and Sequined Jacket from Buffalo Exchange

AuH20, E 7th St