Thursday, 16 August 2012

Fun fun times

I am jetlagged, the sky is grey and it is raining torrentially here at home, thus it is the perfect time for me to look at pictures of San Fran and weep. I think I'm in a state of shock- where has the sun gone? Go away, rain...

In and Out Burger: yummyyyy. Modelled by Conor. 

Six Flags, Vallejo: this was a lovely day out. It was roasting, so I wore a playsuit I picked up in Mars Vintage Berkeley. I am going to miss that shop terribly, le sigh


  1. The photos are so 90's retro awesome =D
    I want to hear all the stories soon pleeeease! :)

    1. my camera got nicked so I took all my pics on disposables haha :) Deffo hang outs soon, i've missed you! XXX

  2. looks like a blast!