Saturday, 9 June 2012

Free food tastes so much better because it's free

Happiness: sitting on a 16 dollar air-bed in our Berkeley apartment. After staying in hostels for almost two weeks, I was beginning to go mad. Literally despairing. Everyone reassured me that staying in hostels is  right of J1 passage before you secure permanent accommodation- but it's still not nice. After checking craigslist constantly, we found a pretty sweet deal! I don't know how we've managed it but my little J1 fam found ourselves a pretty plush apartment bang smack in the gourmet ghetto in Berkeley. Luvin lyyyf 

(Me, deliriously happy in our San Fran homee)

There's so many nice restaurants and enormmmmous thrift shops, I may have just died and gone to a harriet customised heaven. If anyone is heading out to San Fran this summer and doesn't have accom sorted, drop me a mail- there's loads of apartment rentals popping up mid June around here and having something sorted before coming out is so much less stressful. I wouldn't wish the dread of impending homelessness on anyone. 

My friend and I went to visit Stanford the other day- it was an incredible campus. On our way back we walked into a restaurant, but it hadn't opened officially and they were like- 'can we give you some free food? We need to test our operations system!' Winning! It was yum. Pics below. 

^^^^ Even train stations here look pretty. I wore that dress nearly every day for the first week, kind of gross but it was just so easy to throw on! 

Jacket- Dunnes
Bag- Longchamp
Flats- Penneys
Dress- Topshop

Jobs jobs jobs- I've had four interviews thus far for retail. Who knows if they'll be fruitful. Would anyone in the Bay area like to hire me? I'm just lovely, you should contact me ;D 

On that slightly conceited note, good morning Ireland, and good night San Fran :3 XXX


  1. Oh memories, I stayed in Berkeley on my J1 last summer! Except our place was extortoinate! Try Abercrombie or Hollister for a job if you haven't already. I got a job in A&F on Market Street last summer as an in store 'model' as they call it, which is basically a sales assistant and they also hire people to work in the stockroom. They love Irish people and I met so many lovely American people through work. Worth a try, you just fill out your details in one of their kiosks instore and you go along to the next group interview. x

  2. Hey Alex! Yeah we got so lucky with this place, the girl renting it wanted to sublet it for two months so between four of us its worked out pretty cheap! I haven't tried in there already, I don't think I've got the look they're going for- everyone in there is absolutely flawless. Worth a shot though, thanks for the heads up! :) xx

  3. Ah lucky, we were stuffed into our apartment, 3 to a room with mattresses on the floor! Give it a go if you're stuck, if you don't wanna work on the floor they also hire loads of people to work in the stockrooms and if you ever wanna swap shifts or take time off they're really easy going about it! Enjoy your summer, hope you get a job soon! :) x