Sunday, 3 June 2012

Foggy in San Francisco

Beautiful bloggers, I am writing this post to you all the way from San Francisco. Boom.

I'm here with a few friends in a hostel, it is proving nearly impossible to get accommodation in this city! We'ver been here over a week now, I'm hoping we'll get something sorted soon. Seeing as I'm going to be here for the summer, I think I'm going to spin the blog in the direction of a j1/Summer Lovin' type thing. I'll upload some pics over the next few days promise! For now, here's a shot of me looking soup-er 

I went there, I'm so punny! (It was also an inaccurate as well as awful pun, I'm sleep deprived and in a pyjama top so apolz all round)

If anyone has any tips for living it up in the foggy city, drop me a mail or comment on this post! I'll give you all virtual hugs c:

I think there's such little information out there for j1ers, I was so clueless and still am as to the whole experience, hopefully those hoping to get work visas to work in the States will be able to charter my j1 journey through these posts.

Hostels are absolutely key whilst you're getting settled in the city and the one we're staying in is lush. It's clean and the staff are really nice, which is more than I can say about the other ones we had the misfortune of visiting! It's called USA hostels, it's 37 dollars a night which is steep but all hostels here are $30 + unforch. Le voilá:

I am a little bit enchanted with this city. There's so much going on, I'm just going to start documenting everything here! I heard a man playing 'That's all I ask of you' from Phantom of the Opera on the way home on the saxophone, I am broke so shouldn't have given him any change but felt obliged to- he was amazing! It was so beautiful and melancholy, I've been humming it since.

Anyways, this wasn't really a proper post, more of an explanatory note of posts to come I guess! 
Will post proper material soon je promettttts 


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