Tuesday, 26 June 2012

New Old Clothes #2

Meet my new thrifty finds! Every chance I get now I just make my sweet little way over to the Mission to eat yummy cheap food and buy cheap clothes and generally be happy with life. I am so easily contented it's sad! Alas I cannot keep myself away from those 'dollar rail' signs. So the other day I went into Community Thrift, a super cool second hand store on Valencia Street. Look at my smug little face. I have thus amassed the following

- Blacky-bluey skirt trésss Morticia Adams, or so I would like to think
- Cowboy boots (I couldn't help myself)
- 80s jumper dress
- The most beautiful rosary beads in the world ever, which I have since misplaced somewhere in my apartment. Let's all pray to the rosary bead fairy for their safe return.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Good Vibrations

Here are some pics I have been hoarding, they all have a certain summerlicious vibe. Mmmmm-mm-mm summah vibes. If these pictures were in post-card form, they would totally be scented. Remember those cards you'd rub when you were little and they'd smell like grapes or strawberry or something? No? Just me? Oh well. What makes you guys think of summer? Songs, scents, images? xoxoxxxx

Photography by Corinne Day

Mossy at Karl Lagerfeld, 1994

Naomi Campbell by Ellen Von Unwerth ca. 1991

Sienna Miller for Vogue April 2012

Elle Fanning in Self Service Magazine by Venetia Scott

Saturday, 16 June 2012

On a Mission

When I say 'on a mission', I of course mean in the mission, as in the district of San Francisco. Just another example of my witty wordplay, stay tuned for more!!! But seriously, yesterday I visited the area with my friend to go exploring. I really want to describe it as something like 'beauty in an urban landscape' but I would like to avoid sounding like a complete idiot in the space of one blog post. It really was an experience though, I'll let my snaps of some graffiti art do the talking. Shopping in the mission post to come!

I saw this van with Hello Kitty on it. I died. Not actually though.

I had this yummy salad in a South American restaurant. It was called BolulĂș how cool is that? New fave word.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Free food tastes so much better because it's free

Happiness: sitting on a 16 dollar air-bed in our Berkeley apartment. After staying in hostels for almost two weeks, I was beginning to go mad. Literally despairing. Everyone reassured me that staying in hostels is  right of J1 passage before you secure permanent accommodation- but it's still not nice. After checking craigslist constantly, we found a pretty sweet deal! I don't know how we've managed it but my little J1 fam found ourselves a pretty plush apartment bang smack in the gourmet ghetto in Berkeley. Luvin lyyyf 

(Me, deliriously happy in our San Fran homee)

There's so many nice restaurants and enormmmmous thrift shops, I may have just died and gone to a harriet customised heaven. If anyone is heading out to San Fran this summer and doesn't have accom sorted, drop me a mail- there's loads of apartment rentals popping up mid June around here and having something sorted before coming out is so much less stressful. I wouldn't wish the dread of impending homelessness on anyone. 

My friend and I went to visit Stanford the other day- it was an incredible campus. On our way back we walked into a restaurant, but it hadn't opened officially and they were like- 'can we give you some free food? We need to test our operations system!' Winning! It was yum. Pics below. 

^^^^ Even train stations here look pretty. I wore that dress nearly every day for the first week, kind of gross but it was just so easy to throw on! 

Jacket- Dunnes
Bag- Longchamp
Flats- Penneys
Dress- Topshop

Jobs jobs jobs- I've had four interviews thus far for retail. Who knows if they'll be fruitful. Would anyone in the Bay area like to hire me? I'm just lovely, you should contact me ;D 

On that slightly conceited note, good morning Ireland, and good night San Fran :3 XXX