Monday, 5 March 2012

Pop that Collar ;D

Cellooo beautiful bloggers! Siren came out today, here is me looking vv proud with the finished glossy product :DDDDDDD 

The launch was a nice way to get back to college mundanities, last week was our 'reading week' see. Naturally I went on a class trip to Barcelona hehe. It was one of the best weekends of my life, I totally recommend it, the clubs we went to were incredible! I may share a few pics of the city and outfits and other stuff when I find my camera charger. More importantly, I don't know how to upload the full mag yet, I'm guessing it will be put up online over the next few days, and I promise to link and upload pics then c: 

But for now, I thought I'd show you guys how I made the collar used in a modern feminist shot. I found it really difficult to try and pin down a precise look for this, it's a personal question surrounded by a level of ambiguity: What does the modern feminist look like? 

We decided to go with something sharp and tailored yet fun and quirky- originally, we were going to run with a slick suit and shirt idea. I wasn't completely happy though, it was the only look I was worrying about, and midst all my stressing an idea popped into my head. I've always loved t-shirts under suits and collars are so in at the mo, I really wanted to run with a colour pop collar idea. But you know when you when you get into one of those awful moods, when you have a very narrow and specific look in mind and you will literally not be satisfied until it materialises in front of you? You do? Me too. All the time.

Soooooo basically, in a mad fervour like a woman possessed I decided to attempt a DIY sparkly collar the night before the shoot. I was literally running around Dublin at 6 on the Sunday searching desperately for glitter, glue and a cheap men's shirt. I stayed up till half five waiting for the collar to dry, but it was worth it, I'm really happy with the finished look. Hopefully it pulled things together! So here's my DIY step-by-step, I'm so original doing a DIY now I knowww. Enjoy and get back to me if you like what you see mes chou-fleurs xxxxx

You will need:

A shirt with a stiff collar (Mine is from Penney's men's section, I think it was 7 euro)
PVA glue
A cup
A paint brush

Step 1: Chop the collar off your shirt with the scissors so it looks like the collar below (:

Step 2: Squirt some glue into a cup. Pour in some glitter over it and mix it up with your paint brush, until you get a consistency like below. I bought the glitter in Eason's and mixed in all colours.

******** Glittery gloop yay! ********

Step 3: Paint your glitter-glue mixture evenly onto your collar. It should look something like this:

Step 4: I only did one layer of glitter-glue, and then I left it dry on my radiator. Ok so I also cheated and dried it with my hair-drier, time was of the essence..

Step 5: Lastly, I sprayed it with some hair-spray to make ensure the glitter disn't go everywhere. It's holding up pretty well!

Tadaaaaa! Here is the finished product on our lovely model.


  1. this is awesome. really it looks lovely, good job!

  2. This is pretty class. Kudos for last minute inspiration - it worked brilliantly, clearly. :)

  3. Awesome collar!I will definitely try!
    I do some myself! check out my DIY i bet you will like!

  4. I love the collar as well as the makeup on the model!

  5. That looks class! Turned out so well :)

  6. Love the color !! Well done... I think this DIY has endless possibilities

  7. Am so going to try this-I LOVE GLITTER!