Friday, 23 March 2012


The word you are seeing above is my pathetic attempt to merge both 'pastel' and 'metallic'. Hopefully you'll catch my drift after these pics. All I want to wear at the moment are soft grey sweatshirts and mint green jumpers with silver skater skirts and sparkly shorts. I'm lusting after this skirt at the mo, I really want to wear it with something grey and cropped. 

Skirt- Topshop

Terribly boring I know, but there's just something really clean and fresh about these crisp colors and soft lines. My current wardrobe is just so grubby. I want to swap dark for light and embrace my inner minimalist! 

Volt Magazine

Zadig and Voltaire SS 12

To complete this light and airy disposition play the following playlist (: xx


  1. Eeee what a gorgeous collection of inspiration, and I think "Pastellic" is adorable!

  2. ooh glitter hotpants

  3. Inspiring post love the pics! something grey and cropped would be very pretty with that skirt, you should get it :) x

  4. i love the whole post and the pictures are lovely!