Wednesday, 22 February 2012

You shall go to the ball...

I bought my ticket for Trinity Ball today wooopwooop! I am so psyched, and my friend Elaine literally found the cutest dress today in Lucy's Lounge. Its pink and it has a sash. A sashhhhh. Ribbon makes me so very happy. I'm keeping an eye out for something nice now, last year I left it completely last minute to find something and ended up wearing a very sad looking overused topshop number. Never again mes amis hehe.

The fashion spread I was involved in has been published, feel free to check it out online here :)

The theme is pretty self-manifest, inspired by the infamous words of the tale of Cinderella, 'You shall go to the ball', we went with a fashion/fantasy idea. I got to style Snow White! Unforch there was a mistake with the wording if you're reading the Manifesto, I found all the clothes for the look in American Apparel who kindly lent to us. It was really tricky trying to style something to emulate such an iconic character whilst at the same time keeping in mind this had to be plausible as a ball outfit, but it's all about the challenge right? :D It was a really great experience, I got to edit some of the photos and I'm really happy with how the Snow White shot turned out.

Here are some of my favourites from the day :*

Photos taken by Hannah-Clare Gordon.

And for desert... Disney musings. I need a disney movie marathon real bad. 



  1. loooove Disney Princesses! :)
    you should try the Attic in A|Wear.. they have such pretty dresses (: and they're not expensive =D

  2. That outfit is so amazing! I love the last photo, the colour and the angle and eerrrthang :) <3

  3. looooove disney princeses!! :) you look very very nice! :)