Monday, 6 February 2012

Reasons for my absence...

I have not even had a chance to sign onto this in days, college is so busy atm! I was at a Law Ball last Wednesday, it was so much fun! :) I brought my SLR with me and played photographer for the night, I said I'd share a few of the photos here. Some of my friends' outfits simply had to be documented.... :3 x

I loved Eithne's dress, she's on the right, she picked it up in Warehouse for a tenner! Emma is equally as glam, not sure where her dress is from though! I found mine in a charity shop last minute. The stole is Penney's.
My friend Sarah always looks so stylish! She's wearing a river island skirt and a topshop coat.


  1. I love your friends outfit, want it!

    1. I will tell her you said so c: she always looks class! XX