Monday, 27 February 2012

Faking it...

The world of fashion has found a new love child in Charlotte Free.

Charlotte Free for Wildfox Summer '12

Charlotte Free for Complot FW '12

My current green-eyed-monster-why-can't-I-look-this-cool?!!? disposition teamed with a serious case of hair boredom has lead to the creation of this post. 

I'm too scared to go the whole hog and dye my hair completely pastel, I fear that an attempt to do a 'Charlotte' so to speak could somehow result in me looking like an ice-cream cone. So... to fake or not to fake? I bought pink hair extensions in Penneys the other day. Mah petite soeur approves, although she thinks they would look better wavy, they don't quite blend into my messy barnet. I'll try backcombing them later or something.

Penneys hair extensions, 2 euro for a packet of two c:
 Unfortunately half the children of Cork purchased them too, so perhaps not the best way to go about things if I want to look all suave and college-y. Alternatively, I just found this clever video... What do you guys think? xx


  1. what an awesome cheat!

  2. Amazing! I've been dying to hair purple but maybe this way is safer!? xx

    1. Hey Líosa! I think maybe give this a bash as a test run anyways, then you'll know for definite whether you want to dye it permanently! xx