Thursday, 5 January 2012


Yo yo yo! I am fresh from the airport guys. This week I visited my Dad in London, I've decided it is now an inevitability that I will live there some day. I met up with my friend Donnacha who showed me around Soho and generally cool places- he is so very London now, and I am jealous! Other tourist endeavours included a trip to the British Museum, which is always incredible. The enlightenment room was my favourite part. 

There was an exhibition on Surrealism in the Tate Modern, it was so beautiful! Sleeping Venus by Delvaux is chilling, it's so sombre but tranquil... I remember reading that the artist painted it during the German occupation in Brussels, I think it's supposed to weird the observer out with calamity contrasting with calm. Plus I love skulls/skeletons! I like this painting on many different levels. And it was free in to the Tate and the British Museum! FREEEE! :D 

Saw 'We Will Rock You' too, it was on just the right side of fromage. I wish Freddie Mercury was still alive! 

And lastly, in shopping news... I bought this jumper in the humungous Topshop on Oxford Street, I'm going to wear it all the time! It's all rainbowy and cosy and I never bought a jumper this Winter so I don't feel too bad about splurging. And it's not black. I need to break out of my wintry wardrobe asap, my cousin asked me 'Are you a goth now?' last week. I kind of wish, but still. A sign I need to inject more colour into my life. 

I have not taken these boots off in months! D: 

My mum is giving me serious evils. Warranted? xD
Jumper- Topshop
Shorts- one euro as jeans in CONCERN
Tights- Penneys
Boots- RM Williams, stolen from mum
Necklace- Flea market Bordeaux

XX <3


  1. I love that Topshop jumper, I've had it on my wishlist for a while! x

  2. Aw thanks Alex! I have literally not taken it off. They had it with this gorgeous cream pleated skirt in London, I'm going to look for a cheaper version of it! Great blog btw :) X

  3. I wish I had the same shoes! I wouldn't take them off either..

  4. Fanks! You can actually see a hole in them in that pic, hehe.

  5. That would look amazing! When it comes back in my size I'm grabbing it and never taking it off! Mentioned you in my new post since you made me want it even more haha. Thanks so much, yours is great too :) x

  6. Oh fab thanks a mil! You're a gem :DD