Sunday, 8 January 2012

Interiors Inspo

My little Dublin house is looking very sad at the moment. My roommates and I have been extremely lazy on the decorating side of things, and I can no longer bear it. First world problems, I know. It just makes me a little crazy when I have to look at bare walls, it's so ugly and plain! Sadly our landlord does not see the need for shelves or anything remotely nice looking chez nous so I am just going to have to be creative. I'm going to draw divine inspiration from some tumblr interior related blogs. Annnd I'm going to IKEA on Thursday, I am making my roomie Conor accompany me. If I had my own way, the house would probably end up covered in fake flowers, neon skulls and One Direction posters. God forbid. 

My So Called Life <3


  1. great collection of photos!


  2. Thanks Erica! Just went on to your blog, Im following now its class :) Saw that you were from San Fran too, Im planning on going there this summer, if you could pass on any tips about where to hang out/shop I'd really appreciate it! :)

  3. Very cute blog Harriet, I love your writing style and the interior inspiration is great in this post! Welcome
    To the group!

    Rachel x