Friday, 13 January 2012

An Education

Today was really nice and rather nostalgic- I went out to the Young Scientist exhibition in the RDS in Dublin! For those of you who don't know it, it's a big science fair, superrr fun. Claim-to-science-fame: I came third in my section there when I was 14, I was such a little germ freak that I did a project on testing the toy's in doctor's waiting rooms for bacteria. Don't judge me. And don't touch them toys either. Anyways, my brother has a project there this year so I went to visit. Science is fun kids!

Conor (my bezzie mate) took some pics of me on the way over. Begrudgingly. Oh also I went to see The Artist with some peeps, it was fab! I didn't think the plot really went anywhere, but it was really beautiful in parts to look at.

Being cool and mature at the cinema!

So here is what I wore today friends.. 

Jacket- (v old) Topshop
Playsuit- Vintage, bought in Wild Child closing down sale 
Bag- Longchamp 
Brogues- Office
Necklace- Forever 21


  1. Outfit post! Love it.
    Roll on San Fran- we can outfit post each other all the timeee :D

  2. Agh texto coming your way now, I forgot again D: I know I am so super psyched roll on summa 2k 6+6 in the mix :D XXX

  3. What wonderful shoes!
    I went to the bt scence fair too!

  4. Thanks Maija! I hadn't been in years, I'd forgotten how much I loved it haha. Cute blog btw!