Thursday, 26 January 2012

Back in black (and navy)

Hello my pretties! >'.'<
I haven't done any blogging in a week, I have missed it terribly! I had a monster of an essay due today at three, and as an acute sufferer of procrastination of course I left everything till last minute. But here I am, several minor heart attacks and a few personality overhauls later, blogging contently again. Blog blog bloggy blog. It's nice not to have to talk about mandatory orders in the sphere of socio-economic rights anymore. :DD

Thankfully, today's horrible start had a lovely ending. I was wandering aimlessly around Dublin,  after I handed in that stupid essay... I no longer had anything to stress over and I didn't know what to do with myself, so naturally I went shopping. And look what I found! I am recommending that everyone get themselves to their nearest Office asap, you heard it here first! The sales girl informed me that they started a massive sale on Monday to get rid of Winter stock, I couldn't believe my luck when I clapped my eyes on these. This was definitely one of my defining bargain-hunter moments: 130 big ones reduced to 15 yoyos. Shopping pride. 

Awhhh yeah biznitches! 
I don't know if it's apparent from the photos I've posted but I am seriously tall, coming from a long line of tallies both sides of the family (one of my uncles was 6'6'' before nutrition). Being a six footer in flats, I generally avoid high heels for fear of looking ridiculous. But these ankle boots have literally got a perfect heel, I'm not too freaky tall in them. At least I hope. I am very much in love with these babies, this could be the start of something beautiful.

New shews from various different angles. Probably uneccesary. 

I'm planning on wearing them with something girly and florally, unoriginally enough I think floral tea dresses and boot combos are ace..

Luella SS 2008

In other cool newz, I won a dress today! :D I'm so excited, it's so sparkly and pretty. And just winning stuff in general is buzz-worthy. A big thank you to the lovely Ciara of Wild Child Stories

Soon to be minee!!
Anyhoo, here's what I wore the other night! I found this top and a few other bits and bobs charity shopping in Cork at the weekend.

For now goodnight, sweet bloggers, goodnight :D xx

PS I apologise for my absolute inability to take an even half decent photo. I do not even deserve a camera, I know. I hope to improve upon this in the future :) 

I hate this black and white setting but you couldn't see the sheer at all without it!  

Top- second hand
Skirt- Penneys
Necklace- second hand
Flats- New Look

c: xXxXxXXx


  1. Those boots are amazing! I can't believe you got them for €15 o: Did you get that skirt in pennys the weekend just gone?

  2. Fanx. I am so proud of myself i wore them for all of today :D Nope I got it before xmas but they always get stuff back in! Theyll have it back in again for defs :) x