Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Movie Time- Drive

Drive is one slick production from start to finish. To say that I found it visually appealing would be a massive understatement. Orange hues trickle across a blue haze in almost every scene, delighting the eye. The colour contrast was possibly intended by to demonstrate the difference between our nameless, perma frost driver and his warm benevolent love interest. Maybe I’m being overly analytical. Either way, it’s pure, unadulterated eye candy.

Drive’s soundtrack furthers the film’s elusive cool feel, cementing it’s art film status. I adore CSS and Lovefoxx smoulders on the opening track, in a melancholy duo with Kavinsky.

I loved the way the lyrics in the electro score tied up with the storyline. In 'A Real Hero', words allude to the true message that perhaps Nicolas Refn (director) wanted to convey.

Leading on from this, what is it that makes Drive so enticing? Is it that the film is actually centered on society’s notions of what a ‘real hero’ and what a happy ending should be? Drive takes all pre-conceived notions of herione characteristics and flips them on their head. We are presented with an entirely uneffusive man who despite his purely existential manner we grow fond of, through his chivalric yet understated actions. This hero is a real one, in that there is no dream-like, transcendental qualities to his ‘saving the day’- we see bursts of beautifully timed violence that horrify and perturb, even when we know it’s coming. Perhaps this is why certain scenes in Drive disturb us so; do the disturb us, or the pre conceived hero notions inherent in us all? (Attention SPOILERRR- I really don’t want/intend to ruin this movie for anyone D: ) Utopian endings that we have become so used to in modern film are obliterated in Drive. The traditional ‘happy-ever-after’ ending we crave (as a lazy audience never compelled to think) is gone.  We must seek out solace with a typically undesirable finish that challenges the mind. The driver dissapears into the neon horizon, he lives to fight another day, he will start anew. His future to us is unknown, and this, however frustrating, stimulates the imagination.

Hopefully you’re still reading after my highly observant take on Drive. Too much analysis? Probably too much. Oh well. I’m going to finish this on a somewhat shallow note... Aesthetics wooooo!

Drive is a visual feast. The velvet dark backdrop of LA, Gosling’s chiselled features, THAT silk bomber jacket, the out-of-place yet divine pink writing. The denim on denim, blissssss. I think I'm going to try and wear more blue. Did I mention that Ryan Gosling is physically flawless? I’ll stop now and let these pretty movie stills do the talking. Enjoy x

PS I really think I need this for Christmas... Operation made fabulous :DDD


  1. you like kavinsky? you are now the coolest blogger i know just for that! anything french electro is always good! loving your posts harriet! x

  2. Thank yew Tara :D Loving your posts too, following now! Speaking of french electro btw, Justice are playing in the marquee in cork in June. It will be amaze. x